Raised garden beds made easy

Discover the benefits of GardenPODs

Why GardenPODS?
  • Deep individual pods keeps plants organized
  • Segmented pods allow for micro-climates—use different soils for different plant needs
  • Raised bed reduces back bending effort
  • Bottomless grid allows for deep root growth
  • Fast and easy assembly, right over existing lawn
  • Greater exposure to sun warms the bed, extends the growing season
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Easy Set-up

Check out 5 easy steps to building your GardenPODS square foot raised garden grid.

Build your own garden in minutes and start growing your favorite vegetables, herbs and flowers.

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  • Increased yields
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reduced water usage
  • No garden path weeds
  • 53 pods keep plants organized and separated
  • GardenPODS eliminates erosion

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