Raised garden beds made easy

Discover the benefits of GardenPODs

1. Installing the GardenPODS Section

  • Remove the GardenPODS section from the box.
  • Place the GardenPODS section into a 4 ft. x 8 ft. frame.
  • Expand the GardenPODS cells so the short and long sides align with the short and long dimensions of the frame.
  • Once expanded, secure the GardenPODS section with the 16 Sod Pins along the 8 ft. length.
  • Sod Pins are ONLY temporary to hold open GardenPODS for soil infill.
  • There will be 53 full plantable pods.

TIP: Save the sod pins to use for plant markers

2. Setting-Up Your Garden

  • After securing the GardenPODS section to the frame walls, begin infilling with soil – DO NOT COMPACT.
  • 16 cu. ft. of soil will fill the raised GardenPODS cells.
  • Level soil so it is flush with the top edge of the GardenPODS grid.

Remove Sod Pins from the GardenPODS and framing.

3. Start Planting

  • Begin planting.

Soil will settle slightly upon watering leaving the GardenPODS visible.

Download the Complete Installation Guide

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