Raised garden beds made easy

Discover the benefits of GardenPODs

Why the GardenPODS™ Grid?

Square Foot Raised Bed Gardening

  • Keep plants separated and closer together.
  • Higher yields with less prep work, less garden path weeds, and less water use.
  • Plant vegetables, herbs and flowers.

GardenPODS™ is an earth-friendly raised garden grid perfect for keeping your plant bed organized.

  • 53 plantable ‘pod’ compartments.
  • Durable plastic material holds up to sun, weather and water.
    (20-year warranty)
  • No rototilling or prep work. Fast, easy set-up right over existing lawn!
  • Place plants in fresh topsoil/high-yield compost blend.
  • Pods can accommodate different soils, for different plants—creating microclimates.
  • Perfect for novices or master gardeners.

Perfectly sized

  • Ideal for Backyard Gardening and Community Gardens
  • 6 inch deep planting compartments.
  • Easy to place, light-weight grid weighs only l0 lbs.
  • Large 4 ft x 8 ft expandable grid is perfectly sized to enclose in a wood frame (three 2×8’s not included).
  • Easy to cut grid into two smaller 4 ft x 4 ft planter beds.

GardenPODS™. Let’s Get Started on Square Foot Gardening!


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